embroiders, embroidering, embroidered
1) VERB If something such as clothing or cloth is embroidered with a design, the design is stitched into it.

[be V-ed with/in n] The collar was embroidered with very small red strawberries...

[V n] Matilda was embroidering an altar cloth covered with flowers and birds...

[V-ed] I have a pillow with my name embroidered on it.

[V-ed] ...hand embroidered tablecloths. [Also V]

2) VERB If you embroider a story or account of something, or if you embroider on it, you try to make it more interesting by adding details which may be untrue.

[V n] He told some lies and sometimes just embroidered the truth...

[V on n] She embroidered on this theme for about ten minutes.

English dictionary. 2008.

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